Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 5

Management - Essay Example And, of course, they have an advantage in that they are known for offering the lowest prices around. Although a very successful corporation, Walmart does have some weaknesses and challenges. One weakness is that because they have expanded into so many different areas they may lose out to competitors who are more narrowly focused and specialized. They also only have a presence in relatively few countries in addition to the U.S. Yet the fact that Walmart doesn’t have a dominant presence in other countries means that the opportunity to obtain a larger presence in these countries still exists. So even though Walmart is large, there are still opportunities for expansion. One threat to Walmart is that being number one means that you always have a target on your back, so to speak. There will always be competition and price wars with Walmart both locally and globally., for example, poses a threat to Walmart because they are known for having the lowest prices around as well. Also, the gap that Walmart used to have on low-cost manufacturing is closing and other stores are now able to manufacture for less as well (, 2010). After researching these sources the best strategy for Walmart in the future is to continue to be the low-cost and low-price leader and continue to expand globally. They should also continue to form strategic alliances locally and internationally as they have done so with companies like Stanley Works and America Online (Walmart,

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