Sunday, February 9, 2020

Artist Report Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Artist Report - Research Paper Example Approaching Noise is done in oil upon a 40 x 34 inch wood panel. The woman in the painting is a brunette with her hair pulled back into a bun. The light skinned model has her arms crossed over her chest to prevent the olive green military style shirt from falling down. She is in a subtle, serene mood as she looks towards the ground in wonderment. The model is standing in front of a whitewashed grey wall with letting and numbers upon the wall behind her. The light that falls upon the model comes from the upper right, in front of the model. The hues used in the painting show the realism that the viewer seems to be immersed in when looking at the painting. The realism shown by Kassan in this painting has a photorealistic quality to it. One could almost reach out and touch the model as though she was standing right in front of the viewer. The realism also allows us to interpret that her skin is soft and looks to be in her mid 20s wearing pink nail polish. Also, the gradation of the painting seems subtle and continuous like a person would see in real life and stark and in contrast in the same way as though a person were blocking the light from another source. There are two places in the painting that seem to flow away from the focal point of her face. Her eyes seem to bring the viewer to follower what she is looking at by going towards the bottom of the painting. Furthermore, you can also follow the flow of her hair as you see the strands of hair pulled back into the bun atop the back of her head. He uses the asymmetrical balance of the human body and draws upon the fact that not all painting has to be symmetrically balanced to be a great work of art. The words on the wall to her right seem to balance out the space taken up by the model on the left side of the painting. Approaching Noise allows the viewer to feel as though they are standing in the studio with Kassan as he is working with his subject on this particular painting with the amount of time

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